The Routine

People often ask what our routine is and we try and tell them what has been working best for our beard.  So here is a combo that will help get your beard dignified like us!  We use our butters not only at night, but during the day as well.  With the very low beeswax content and the butters themselves, they have a hold that will help with some strays.  


We use our CW8 and BW3 in the shower.  We then towel/air dry our beard and apply the oil.  We use a heat source (blow dryer) and comb to straighten the beard.  We then apply oil one last time and then use butter over the top to help give that beard some life.


1 beard butter (2 oz.)

1 beard oil (2 oz.)

1 CW8 CoWash (8 oz.)

1 BW3 Liquid Beard Wash (8 oz.)


You choose the scents for your butter, oil, CW8 and BW3.  We recommend the CW8 in the non-scented minimalist... but we know you like to match the conditioner with the wash.

The Routine