Balm, Poured Butter & Oil

A great starter combo for a beard at any stage.  Get our mosturizing oil for that skin underneath and then a balm to keep those strays in check.  Finally, you get a poured butter to super condition that beard... and give a little hold.  Chose your scent for balm, poured butter and oil and enjoy!

Balm, Poured Butter & Oil

  • J Monster - Cologne scent (Burberry)

    Rainbowns and Unicorns - Fruit loops and vanilla

    The Big Squeeze - Lemon, Lime, Orange and Sage

    CEO - Leather and Cedar

    KC Shuffle - Tart orange and black currant cognac

    Aficionado - Cherry Tobacco and Cedar

    Brewmaster - Roasted Oatmeal Stout (with liberty hops)

    Gentleman - Sandalwood, Bourbon and Vanilla

    Scholar - Peppermint, Black Oud and Orange

    Pioneer - Birchwood Oud, Frankincense, Myrrh and Lemon

    Minimalist - Non-scented

    Baba Budan - Coffee, Tobacco, Vanilla and Clove

    Paris of the Plains - Whiskey Bourbon, Vanilla, Orange and Cherry

    Pineapple Express - Black Oud, Amber, Pineapple

    Dignified Precision - Acqua Di Gio

    Space Cowboy - Dark Crystal, Gunpowder, Leather