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Grains in my Balm

So, you've purchased some of our amazing, all natural balm, and maybe after a few uses you start to notice little white, grainy bits have formed.  Don't be alarmed, the balm is still perfectly good.  Those little grains are from the fatty acids found in unrefined shea butter (which is a main ingredient we use).  Because some shipping methods or climate conditions may cause the butter to slightly melt, those fatty acids harden quicker than the butter and the end result are grains.

The grains may take a little extra love in your palm to melt, but they are still great for you beard.  If you don't like the grainy texture, that is totally fine too, we can help fix that!  If you want, you can unscrew the lid, place the canister in the oven at 190°F and let the balm melt to a liquid.  Once melted, carefully remove the can and place directly into the fridge (If cold enough outside, you can put it outside).  Let it cool completely and then recap.  Presto, no more grains!

We strive to give you the best product possible, but sometimes nature likes to do it's own thing.  If you have any questions, reach out to us by using our contact form.  Happy bearding!

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