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Owner of Beards Dignified

Beards Dignified is a beard care product for any beard.

It started with walking into a local Kansas City store to look at beard products, and then walking out, disappointed, on how pricey those products were. Then began the journey on finding a good quality product for a great price.

After extensive research, I began the process of testing different formulas. Ones that I knew would be great for the beard, delivering hold yet conditioning the mane at the same time. Something that would last throughout the day without being too greasy. After several different formula changes, and several different testers, I came upon the best combination. A combination that delivers on conditioner and hold.

After nailing down the formula and eventually the overall process, I came up with a brand (brainstorming with friends) that would speak to all types of people with all types of different beards. I set out to deliver a product that is great for beginner beard growers with shorter beards, as well as the more experienced beard grower that wants a fuller, better looking beard.

Beards Dignified was born on the premise that no matter what stage of beard growing you are at, you can have that dignified, great looking beard. Our products are made with natural ingredients that help feed your beard and make it look the best it possibly can, all while saving you money. We provide a great quality product at an affordable price.

Born in Kansas City, we are a beard care company for the world!  We ship not only here in the US, but internationally as well.  We are a beard care company grown from the Midwest, but sharing to the rest of the beard growers around the world.  Check us out!  Try us out! Most of all... Be dignified!

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